Sunday, October 6, 2013

UI introduction 02 - World Map

So next comes the world map.

Hitting the information button on the left will bring you to the main info page. Listed below are banners which will display the ongoing events, and tapping them will bring you to the event location (the place located or the gacha page, depending on what the banner about). Also, if you have Chain Stories unlocked, they'll be displayed there as well.

If it's the first time you're logging in after 12am Japan time, you'll be shown the popup which will reveal the gifts for the day.

A fairy gem is given to the player for every seven days of consecutive log in.

Tap on the present icon to see what is in the gift box. The yellow hexagon lets you withdraw everything but arcana cards (which means any card in general), while the red hexagon lets you withdraw everything. Yellow hexagon will be useful when you have maxed inventory and you can't receive any more arcana cards for the moment. You can also retrieve gifts individually by pressing on them.

Back to the world map. On the bottom left corner is your account IGN, the available/max AP bar, and the time left to recover 1 unit of AP. Each AP takes 8 minute to recover.

The gift box next to it will be where freebies are stored. Tap into it to redeem your free gifts dished out by SEGA. Also note that if your storage box is maxed out and you're doing cash gacha, the rolled cards will be credited to the gift box instead.

The right half of the world map shows the "area select", where you can select the areas to work on your main story quests. The digit counter on the top right corner of each area reveals the amount of character quests you have available to you in the area. The NEXT indicator shows you where the next story quest is.

When you press the "Menu" icon, the menu pops up. Duh.

As mentioned in the brief introduction, the icons in the menu bar are...
- [パーティ] Party
- [合成] Synthesis
- [ガチャ] Gacha (number indicator indicates the free gacha rolls available)
- [フレンド] Friend (number indicator indicates the number of pending friend requests)
- [ショップ] Shop
- [メニュー] Menu

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