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Story Summaries/Spoilers: Chapters 1-6

Here's a quick and very rough summary of chapters 1-6 of CC's story quests. Massive spoilers. Be prepared.

Chapter 1: MC and party (pretty much always made out of one star and two star chars) meet Fina, the female protagonist. They save her from getting mobbed by a bunch of demonic monsters. Fina has amnesia, and can't remember her past, nor where she came from, and the only clue MCP (hereforth referring to MC and party) has is a blue book that Fina has, called the Chronicle, which can apparently spawn demonic monsters out of it, and the fact that she can read the text inside the book. Fina has joined the MCP. MCP goes around and fixes the Second Capital's problems, and gains the attention of the governor. The governor shows concern over the link between Fina and her book and the Black Army (which is what the demonic monsters are called, have leaders like this annoying demon/bat girl and a black knight), but after MCP speech writes them a recommendation for the Magisters in the Towers of the Magisters to help Fina regain her memory. MCP departs for Holy Capital en route to the Magisters.

Chapter 2: En route to Holy City they meet the "Dusk Maiden", and they direct her to somewhere (you find out later that she's the real Holy Princess in her chain story). MCP helps knights with clearing out some Black Army monsters. They find the "Holy Princess" and escort her back to the Holy City, where they are mistakeningly captured by the knights for threatening the princess. They get released and told that the Holy City is being attacked and they help resolve the issue and find out that the "Holy Princess" is just a body double of the real Holy Princess that went missing. MCP heads to Magisters. 

Chapter 3: MCP goes to the Magisters, who are very odd and weird people. They get sent on all sorts of erratic errands, and culminates in the "Golden Witch" (yes she's not wearing cloth) sending them to the dwarves. MCP helps solve the problems of the dwarves, like a tiny bit of Black Army infestation, then brings back from the dwarves what the "Golden Witch" wanted. The Golden Witch summons a bunch of demonic monsters and also mages to test the MCP. Otherwise she remains quite mysterious and only reveals that she sees everything, past, present, and future, and that the world will soon be destroyed and MCP can't stop it from happening. Fina and MCP remains adamantly that this wouldn't be true. The Towers are attacked, but MCP and the Magisters drive off the invasion. MCP heads to the Oasis Capital with a recommendation from the Magisters to the queen of the Oasis country.

Chapter 4: Turns out every country has problems. The Queen is deathly sick and soldiers are sick as well. In addition to the normal demonic monsters infestation, which MCP drives off quickly. Fina makes a cure for the Queen (bishoujo as normal) who requests them to get a cure from the desert for the troops. They do so, and then afterwards heads to visit the "Guardian of the Desert", a red dragon, with the Queen. They find that the area is infested by demonic monsters and that the "Guardian" has gone berserk, which is the cause of the disease in the oasis. The dragon, after being beaten back to senses, requests the Queen to kill him/her/it (idk) to free the disease from the desert, which she does so. The Queen directs MCP to the Elven Island, to the Library of the World Tree. They head there, and after solving a minor issue of driving off attacking Black Army on the harbor.

Chapter 5: They are welcomed by a tribe of elves by..a massive attack, during which they manage to convince the elves that they're not hostile, and the leader agrees to escort them to the Library of the World Tree. They meet some other tribes of elves that they had to fight/convince, but eventually they pass the trials and get to the World Tree. There they meet Yugudo (same name as the Continent), who calls herself as the Scribe of the Chronicle, there.

Chapter 6: Fina had been slowly regaining her memories. Yugudo takes the MCP through the past events recorded in the Chronicle. Its revealed that Fina's father is the leader of the Black Army, and that she came from another continent. Her father was corrupted by the black power and then destroyed everything on his continent. Fina escaped, along with the Chronicle, helped by the mysterious Black Knight, who had attacked the MCP numerous times in the "current" world, to Yugudo (the name of the continent). Fina's father follows along and attacks the Capital, which is already destroyed in the "current" world. Since MCP were only travelers, they couldn't interfere with the past, but they're mysteriously attacked by both the Black Army and Fina's father (which Yugudo attributes to their enermous power or space-time distortion or something like that). Anyway its similar to time-travel I guess, but can't interfere with the past? They fight off the Black Army and Fina's father until Fina and Yugudo could stabilize the portal to bring them out of the Chronicle, into the "current" world. Instead they got deposited into a "future" of the world, where the party falls in battle against Fina's father, and the MC gets to watch as Fina's father destroy the world. Yugudo comments that this is one of the possibilities of the future. She also says that Fina holds the ultimate Chronicle of them all (the One Chronicle to Rule Them All...sorry couldn't help myself) and that it is the collective of all the Chronicles in the world. Anyone that Fina meets will be recorded in the chronicle. The MCP suddenly gets attacked by a bunch of onis from the Nine Peaks of Flames, as well as the Black Army with the Black Knight. An all-out show down starts, and eventually the Black Army retreats, and the onis kidnap Fina.

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