Tuesday, October 8, 2013

UI introduction 05 - Gacha

Gacha is the place to get new cards.

Top of the page, you get to pick the bars which you've unlocked. 再読込 refreshes the page.

Normal gacha (ノーマルガチャ) is the free gacha in this game, which costs you 200 Arcana coins (those blue stuff) per roll. You can choose to roll 1 by 1 with the button on the left, or 10 at one go on the right.

And if you remember the rings earlier (or officially named as fortune rings), you can use them here. Let's press the blue button and head to the ring exchange.

The left tab, which is selected by default when entering the fortune rings shop, is the character exchange.

Scrolling downwards, you'll get to see two SSR characters whom you can exchange for 70 rings each. Also, they have a limited time period to them (usually 2 months), and should be swapped with another ring character after they've expired.

If you select the items (アイテム), you'll be brought to the page where you exchange items using fortune rings. The list is shown below.

- 10k G for 5 rings
- 2k Arcana coins for 5 rings
- x2 stamina fruit for 10 rings
- x2 thorny fruit for 10 rings (used for soul replenish during demon descends)
- 2x revival fruit for 10 rings
- various 3* fairy growth arcana for 15 rings each
- premium ticket for 25 rings (each premium ticket gives you a roll in the cash gacha)

After selecting a specific bar, you'll be brought to the bar page. The blue button will be what you'll press to roll the gacha, and each roll will cost you 5 fairy gems. If you've a premium ticket in your inventory, they'll be used first instead.

The white button below shows the cards available in the gacha (but they only show the SSRs and SRs inside). Note that Rs are also in the cash gacha, and they form the major bulk of the cards you'll be receiving.

If you can't stand the temptation and want to get stones, press the purchase icon (hexagon shaped) along the right and you'll be brought to the screen.......

Where you can sell your souls to the devil.


  1. On your purchase screen it shows dollars so does that mean you got the game in the Canadian/ US itunes store? If I got the game in the japanese itunes store is it possible to switch currency?

  2. So ring cards expire after you get them? Or are they permanent?